Our Vision

To be the leading internationally recognized consultant in the region supporting sustainable development initiatives.

Our Mission

Timely delivery of professional services through the adoption of unique, efficient and innovative approaches leading to the creation of pragmatic strategies ultimately providing creative value addition to the client both locally and globally

What We Do Best

EML’s main characteristic is its diversity. EML excels in executing the Project Management Cycle, which acts as a crucial coordinating mechanism of policy and the integration of resources and institutions in a wide spectrum of fields and areas. EML achieves this by providing professional services in project planning, preparing conceptual & detailed design..



EML serves a plethora of clients, including major international donor agencies, state and semi government institutions and agencies, local authorities, civil societies and the private sector. We work in partnership with the above mentioned entities/ originations to address compounded issues to achieve sustainable development goals.



EML, since its inception, has ventured into many areas and far afield, and in this endeavour, it has succeeded in establishing strong working alliances with four associated firms, namely, Development Concepts (Pvt.) Ltd. (DC) International Institute of Development Training (Pvt.) Ltd. (IIDT), Sustainable Engineering Concepts (SEC), and Sustainability Agenda (Pvt.) Ltd. (SAPL),



EML and the Environment Management

A unique strength of EML is its strategic management team specialized in environmental management. The team includes key professionals, who had made significant contribution in formulating, legalizing and implementing regulations and policies on the management of the environment and natural resources in Sri Lanka. To-date, EML has designed and conducted over 60 environmental impact assessments related to a multitude of development projects, in addition to the implementation of a large number of other projects, such as wildlife conservation, water resources, waste water management and disposal and coastal management. One of the most recent such studies includes the preparation of a major island wide study on ‘Invasive Alien Species management’ for the Ministry of Mahaweli and Environment, funded by UNDP. EML’s major contribution to the conservation of environment includes the preparation of a synthesis report on Sustainable Development during the last 20 years of the country for the Rio Earth Summit in 2012, where global governments pledged to take actions to protect the planet while addressing the main areas of social injustices, mainly, poverty and inequity. EML has also taken part in the Self-Assessment Exercise for the Preparation of Second Communication on Climate Change conducted for the Initial National Communication (INC) of UNFCCC.


Spearheading the sustainable agenda for Sri Lanka - european times

Spearheading the sustainable agenda for Sri Lanka - european times Spearheading the sustainable agenda for Sri Lanka “The Company excels in the implementation of the Project Management Cycle, providing a coordinating mechanism between the country’s policies, resources and institutions in different [more]

Welcome to ECO FORCE

Welcome to ECO FORCE EML Consultants developed a Mobile App ‘ECO Force’ to help the general public of Sri Lank to engage actively and effectively in protection and conservation of the environment supported by [more]

Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2017 to Discuss the Importance of ‘Walking the Talk’ to realize a Greener Growth path

Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2017 to Discuss the Importance of ‘Walking the Talk’ to realize a Greener Growth path The importance of Sri Lankan businesses aligning its growth plans with greener practices to help develop a ‘sustainable era’ was discussed at the Sri Lanka Economic Summit organized by the [more]


BLOOD DRIVE SPONSORSHIP Friends Welfare Society, an organization affiliated to EML Consultants (Pvt) Ltd in the field of social services and welfare of staff and community, held a blood drive sponsorship on the [more]


MAINSTREAMING INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN ASIA - INCEPTION WORKSHOP    Inception Workshop of the ADB TA Project “Mainstreaming Integrated Solid Waste Management in Selected Countries in Asia” under the Technical Assistance 8566-REG was held in Sri Lanka on 14th December [more]

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