Industrial Pollution Control


Project : Integrating Cleaner Production into Industrial Development

Donor : Ministry of Industries/Industrial Development & Constitutional Affairs

Client : USAID

The project provided technical assistance to Government of Sri Lanka for Integrating Cleaner Production (CP) into Industrial Development. Activities included: review existing policies and legislation; analytical reviews to identify institutional constraints and opportunities for implementing CP strategy and practice; review industry sector master plan; analyse the future trends of environmental problems associated with industrial activities, and recommendations for cleaner production.


Project : Climate Change – Solar Radiation Potential

Donor : UNDP

Client : UNDP

The project aimed to examine the solar energy potential and identify the technologies available to harness the solar radiation that falls onto the fabric of the thermal heat generation to use this thermal heat for tea processing applications. The findings of the research targeted the utilization of solar thermal energy technologies for a wider range of crop drying applications in Sri Lanka that shall improve energy consumption in a way that reduces their dependence on fossil fuels, and, compliment their economic growth objectives and maintain the quality of their environment.