Waste Water and Sewerage


Project : Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project- Design Supervision and Management Consultant (DSC)

Donor : CEYNOR

Client : CEYNOR

EML provides technical expertise in engineering and was responsible for environmental and social aspects of this project.

The project is to rehabilitate the entire existing Colombo Municipal Sewerage System including adjoining areas. The project includes (i) Rehabilitation of sea outfalls (ii) Construction of 4 new pumping stations and upgrading of 7 existing pumping stations (iii) Rehabilitation of existing main sewers (iv) Increasing capacity of gravity mains (v) Storm water network and connection to sewer net work (vi) Preliminary design for future expansion of un-sewered areas , and ( vii) Planning for secondary treatment and preliminary designs for treatment plant.


Project : Ratmalana – Moratuwa/Jaela – Ekala Sewerage and Waste Water Project.

Donor : Swedish International Development Agency ( SIDA)

Client : National Water Supply and Drainage Board/Colombo Municipal Council

The project is to design and construct a sewer system for collection of the industrial and domestic waste-waters, including sewer pipes and pumping stations, a biological waste water treatment plants, and sea outfalls into ocean. The project area covers Ratmalana- Moratuwa in South of Colombo and Jaela-Ekala in the North of Colombo. EML provides technical expertise in engineering and also is responsible for environmental and social safeguards .