Urban Infrastructure Development







Coastal Development
pro1 Project : Feasibility Studies for the Development of Three Fisheries Harbours in Gurunagar – Jaffna District, Silawathura – Mannar District, and Gandara – Matara District
Donor : NIRAS A/S, MTHojgaard A/S, Denmark
Client : MTHojgaard / Danish Developments Fundv
The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development (MFARD) with the intention of developing the offshore fisheries, has signed an MOU with MTHojgaard A/S, Denmark to develop three new fisheries harbors in Gurunagar- Jaffna, Silawathura- Mannar, Gandara- Matara. Both harbors at Silawathura and Gandara to be developed to serve deep sea going vessels (Long Liners) with depths of 5m MSL. Gurunagar to be developed for current fleet of fishing crafts. All three harbors to be equipped with modern shore infrastructure facilities including quay walls, auction halls, slipways, fuel and water facilities, ice production and storage facilities, administrative buildings, etc. The total value of the development is Euro 45 Million. Funds for the development will be through Danish Development Fund as a soft loan. To facilitate the Loan Agreement, detailed Feasibility Studies have been undertaken for all three locations, as per the TOR issued by MFARD.

pro3 Project : Feasibility Study on Upgrading of Proposed Infrastructure Facility at Dodanduwa Fishery Harbour
Donor : Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development
Client : GOSL
Review of Oceano Meteorological Conditions; Stakeholder Consultations; Alternative Development Concepts; Identify required investigations for the Detailed Planning and Design; Project Feasibility; Engineering Designs and Tender Documentation; Numerical Modelling; Environmental Assessment Reports and Approvals


Irrigation & Drainage
pro4 Project : National Irrigation Rehabilitation Project Aftercare Programme
Donor : Ministry of Irrigation and Power, Irrigation Department, Sri Lanka
Client : World Bank
Implementation of an institutional and farmer training programs in the regions, follow up action on operation and maintenance of irrigation system by FOs; continuation of the on-going rehabilitation program in selected major /medium and minor irrigation schemes; development of a practical field manual to establish joint (agency/farmer) systems management in major /medium irrigation schemes; establishment of an institution for improved operation and maintenance support to farmers. Designing and implementing Monitoring Programme for evaluating the benefits and impacts of the project and the effectiveness of the Aftercare Programme inputs.

pro5 Project : Rehabilitation of Minor Irrigation Schemes Under Re-Awakening Project in Batticaloa District
Donor : Ministry of Economic Development, Sri Lanka
Client : Govt. of Sri Lanka
The project supports Rehabilitation of cluster of minor irrigation schemes identified in the selected districts with assistance of Department of Agrarian Development. 51 minor tanks had been identified for rehabilitation under the project. EML's scope of services included: investigations, detailed designs, cost estimates and tender documentation and construction supervision.

kalmetiya Project : Preparation of a Physical Plan for the Coastal Areas of Eastern Province
Donor : Municipal Council, Batticaloa
Client : Govt. of Sri Lanka
The assignment is to prepare a Master plan for managing storm water in the Iruthayapuram area in Batticaloa District of the Eastern Province, which covers an area of 25 Grama Niladari Divisions. Task for the consultancy included: detailed surveys and mapping of entire area, covered by the project, mapping of existing structures and systems related to storm water discharge, hydrological analysis and prepare master plan with proposed improvements to existing system and structues.

Roads & Highways
pro7 Project : Conflict Affected Region Emergency Project - Rehabilitation of National Roads
Donor : Road Development Authority
Client : Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Rehabilitation of the Mankulam - Vellankulam Road 3 8 km Paranthan - Poonerian Road 26 km.
Ensuring compliance with ADB's Safe Guard Policy Statement (2009); prepare land acquisition and resettlement plans: Assessment of loss of livelihoods and other social benefits and status lost due to evacuation; Prepare ' Inventory of Losses (IOL) reports; ensure land acquisition carried out under Section 2 of the Governments land acquisition act. Reviewing of designs; carrying out checks and ensuring the works are carried out in accordance with the drawings and other design details; including standards of workmanship, safety provisions, environmental and social impact and the works are executed expeditiously in accordance with all provisions of the Civil Works Contract.

Urban Development
pro8 Project : Horana Growth Centre
Donor : Urban Development Authority
Client : Government of Sri Lanka
The project was to prepare a detailed development plan - an action oriented programme for urban development with a view to providing opportunities to increase economic development, employment generation and improved living standards and quality of life for all inhabitants. The area identified is in the metropolitan of Horana Town which is situated 40 km south of Colombo. EML conducted socio-economic surveys and defined action projects with detailed designs for identified sub projects.

pro9 Project : Local Government Enhance Sector Project (LGESP)
Donor : Ministry of Local Government
Client : Asian Development Bank (ADB)
EML carried out Geo technical investigation,detailed designs and comprehensive supervision for the following sub-projects:

  1. Multi-Purpose Building Veliveriya PS, Galle District,Sri lanka
  2. Multi-Purpose Building Karandeniya PS, Galle Distrct, Sri Lanka
  3. Multi-Purpose Building & Weekly Fair, Deniyaya,Kotapola PS,Galle
  4. Multi-Purpose & weekly fair, Pitabeddara, Galle District

pro9 Project : Local Government Enhancement Sector Project- Sri Jayewardenepura
Donor : Ministry of Local Government
Client : Asian Development Bank (ADB)
EML carried out Geo technical investigation,detailed designs and comprehensive supervision for the following sub-projects:




Urban Planning
pro11 Project : Arugam Bay Development Project
Donor : Urban Development Authority
Client : Govt. of Sri Lanka
The project formulated a sustainable development plan for Arugam Bay area, with special focus on tourism, which was devastated by the tsunami in December 2004. Physical and social surveys were conducted and conceptual sector plans were formulated for sub sectors including: Tourist Complex, Arugam Bay Main bridge and access, Power and Energy, Telecommunication, Traffic and Transport, Water supply and Sanitation, Storm water and Drainage, Solid waste management, and designs and guidelines for the construction of new houses.

pro6 Project : Preparation of a Physical Plan for the Coastal Areas of Eastern Province
Donor : Ministry of Eastern Development
Client : Govt. of Sri Lanka
The project was to prepare a Physical Plan for the development of coastal zone in the Eastern Province and to formulate an overall regional physical development strategy for the sustainable development of the coastal zone of the Eastern Province. EML's scope of services included: socioeconomic surveys; preparation of land use plans, study/review potential of the coastal region and on going/proposed development plans; Identify environmentally sensitive areas and formulation of an environmental management plan, and detailed plans in social infrastructure, highways, water and sanitation, tourism agriculture and irrigation, fisheries and livestock.

pro10 Project : Urban Transport System Development Project for Colombo Metropolitan Region and Suburbs - Person Trip Survey
Donor : JICA
Client : JICA
Information on origin-destination of daily trips of the residents of Colombo Metropolitan was required to provide a base to develop a transportation demand model for the Colombo Metropolitan. The findings of the survey to be used for the formulation of an urban transport master plan for the Colombo Metropolitan Area. EML designed and conducted the survey which involved 44,000 households by employing over 300 trained enumerators. Data and findings were analyzed and a final report was presented to client.