Forestry & Water Resources Management


Project : Impact Monitoring of the Sri Lanka Conservation and Sustainable use of Medicinal Plants Project - Socioeconomic Survey

Donor : Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine

Client : Asian Development Bank

The project was to monitor the impact of the Sri Lanka Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants Project. Field activities of the project are to be monitored to evaluate their impact on the community of the five Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas specifically and the country in general

Consultancy Services – Design formats for data collection, establish process for participatory data gathering and evaluate project progress, supervision and verification of data collection, processing of data and monitoring impact of project activities, design and establishment of a data base and monitoring system. Conducted questionnaire based surveys, focus group discussion using rapid appraisal techniques. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analyzed.


Project : Survey of Bio-diversity & Wetland Issues & Option for their sustainable management in Kala Oya Basin

Donor : CEYNOR

Client : CEYNOR

Conducted literature survey to identify major types of terrestrial and aquatic Eco systems in the basin; evaluate status and conservation values and dependencies of these resources; assess how the existing sectoral or national policies, regulations and programs directly or indirectly affect the status and conditions of biological resources; assess the effectiveness of existing institutional arrangements; Identify current and potential threats and pressures on these ecosystems, habitats and species; Identify gaps and recommendation of appropriate studies.