Environment and Natural Resources Management







Coastal Management
pro3 Project : Master Plan for Cochin Fisheries Harbor Kerala, India
Client : Cochin Port Trust, Kerala, India
Donor : Government of India
The project envisages review off current harbor operations, identify required improvements , review adequacy of the marine and shore infrastructure to cater the fisher community and fish. Project outputs include a Zoning Plan for the land use, detailed Land Use Plan, Action Plan to implement the identified business activities, and a report on critical evaluation of adequacy of shore infrastructure, and current operational efficiency level. EML provided technical expertise in: stake holder consultations; environmental aspects, preparation of zoning plans, and an action plan.

pro1 Project : Trincomalee Master Plan Integrated Urban Development Plan - Trincomalee District
Client : Urban Development Authority
Donor : International Development Association (IDA)
Prepared an Integrated Urban Development Plan for the Trincomalee District for future development. A comprehensive analytical framework and justification, to a level adequate for implementation by the Urban Development Authority (UDA), Local Authorities, relevant Institutions and other stakeholders.The integrated plan included the recommended policies and strategies for the utilization of the land resources within the area derived on a rational basis to achieve the objectives.

pro2 Project : Anchorage Facilities at Kalametiya Lagoon
Donor : CEYNOR
Client : CEYNOR
Kalametiya is a long established fishery landing site located in Hambantota district approximately midway between the towns of Tangalle and Hambantota. The development of the lagoon as a fishing landing site has been a long felt need considering its natural protection and deep basin. The main objectives of this project are: design off shore and shore facilities for safe navigation and year round access by providing suitable marine structures. EML was assigned to conduct preliminary investigations, socio-economic surveys, address environmental concerns and detailed designs and cost estimates of the proposed improvements including construction supervision.


Environment Assessments
pro4 Client : Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Cauvery Basin
Donor : Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat.
Client : Government of Sri Lanka.
EML conducted the Strategic Environmental Assessment of exploration activities on petroleum resources in the Cauvery Basin which are undertaken by the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat. Floating and bottom founded drilling rigs were used in the study area The assessment examined the project–environmental interactions associated with exploratory drilling and seismic surveys (2D, 3D, vertical Seismic profiling, Geo-hazard surveys) to determine impacts and recommended mitigatory measures.

pro5 Client : Environmental Monitoring of MPNGA Hydro-Project,at Kamwenge,UGANDA
Donor : VSHYDRO (Pvt) Limited.
Client : Government of UGANDA
The Mpanga River hydro-power plant is one of a portfolio of 13 small hydro-power (SHP) projects located in Sri Lanka and Uganda with a combined generation capacity of 70MW. They are being developed, owned and operated by South Asia Energy Management Systems (SAEMS), a US-based renewable power developer, requiring a total investment of US$110 million. EML was responsible for environmental aspects including short term and long term monitoring.

pro6 Client : JBIC Study on Promoting Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] in Sri Lanka
Donor : JBIC
Client : JBIC
Objective of the study was to assist Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) in Colombo to implement the Kyoto Mechanisms designed to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and initiate promotion of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in Sri Lanka. EML provided technical expertise in analyzing information on barriers for CDM development; determine future prospects for CDM development considering the national development policies; and, recommendations to enhance CDM prospects in Sri Lanka. The study also established base line for small scale CDM Project activities in accordance with provisions for the use of approved and new methodologies, contained in decision 17/CP.7.


Forestry & Water Resources Management
pro1 Project : Impact Monitoring of the Sri Lanka Conservation and Sustainable use of Medicinal Plants Project - Socioeconomic Survey
Donor : Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine
Client : Asian Development Bank
The project was to monitor the impact of the Sri Lanka Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants Project. Field activities of the project are to be monitored to evaluate their impact on the community of the five Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas specifically and the country in general

Consultancy Services – Design formats for data collection, establish process for participatory data gathering and evaluate project progress, supervision and verification of data collection, processing of data and monitoring impact of project activities, design and establishment of a data base and monitoring system. Conducted questionnaire based surveys, focus group discussion using rapid appraisal techniques. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analyzed.

pro2 Project : Survey of Bio-diversity & Wetland Issues & Option for their sustainable management in Kala Oya Basin
Donor : CEYNOR
Client : CEYNOR
Conducted literature survey to identify major types of terrestrial and aquatic Eco systems in the basin; evaluate status and conservation values and dependencies of these resources; assess how the existing sectoral or national policies, regulations and programs directly or indirectly affect the status and conditions of biological resources; assess the effectiveness of existing institutional arrangements; Identify current and potential threats and pressures on these ecosystems, habitats and species; Identify gaps and recommendation of appropriate studies.


Industrial Pollution Control
pro3 Project : Integrating Cleaner Production into Industrial Development
Donor : Ministry of Industries/Industrial Development & Constitutional Affairs
Client : USAID
The project provided technical assistance to Government of Sri Lanka for Integrating Cleaner Production (CP) into Industrial Development. Activities included: review existing policies and legislation; analytical reviews to identify institutional constraints and opportunities for implementing CP strategy and practice; review industry sector master plan; analyse the future trends of environmental problems associated with industrial activities, and recommendations for cleaner production.

pro4 Project : Climate Change – Solar Radiation Potential
Donor : UNDP
Client : UNDP
The project aimed to examine the solar energy potential and identify the technologies available to harness the solar radiation that falls onto the fabric of the thermal heat generation to use this thermal heat for tea processing applications. The findings of the research targeted the utilization of solar thermal energy technologies for a wider range of crop drying applications in Sri Lanka that shall improve energy consumption in a way that reduces their dependence on fossil fuels, and, compliment their economic growth objectives and maintain the quality of their environment.


Solid Waste Management
pro5 Project : Study on the Determination of the Solid Waste Quantification & Composition Analysis - Local Authorities of Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka
Donor : SCOTIA-SL/Louis Berger Group. Inc.
Client : United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
The study on waste generation, quantification and composition analysis was undertaken and carried out with the overview of mitigating the negative impact created by the unplanned development of the coastal tourism industry on the coastal habitat and also the negative impact of a degraded coastal environment on the development of a healthy coastal tourism industry.

pro6 Client : Solid Waste Management (SWM) - Ampara District
Donor : UNOPS
Client : UNOPS
EML had conducted the Rapid Assessments in the above LA's of the project area to make an account the current situation of the LA's in terms Solid Waste Management (SWM). The solid waste management component of this project aims to address the chronic solid waste situation in Ampara District by implementing a system which builds on existing structures and maximizes collective efforts of different stakeholders, implements new appropriate technologies and promotes environmental standards.