EML Consultants Ltd, [EML], was incorporated in 1993 to provide technical and management consultancy services to the private and public sector in Sri Lanka and across the globe. The initial scope of service was focused on environmental and natural resources management. Over a brief period of time, EML emerged as a leading consultancy service provider in diverse fields, and successfully expanded to cover a broad spectrum of areas, namely, community and livelihood development, SMEs, feasibility and environmental assessments, climate change, biodiversity and eco systems, socioeconomic surveys, monitoring and evaluation, institutional development, conceptual and detailed designs, heritage and culture, infrastructure projects related to renewable energy, water supply, waste disposal, roads, transport and coastal management.

EML’s new environmentally friendly head office is located in the outskirts of Colombo City. Our core strength is our most valued asset-a fully committed and well trained professional staff team. They are assigned into different functional areas of proposal and project management, finance, human resources, logistics and ICT. They are supported by a team of technicians who are well trained in the latest production and GPS technologies. The team has a permanent staff of 30 professionals and an equal number of support staff. In addition, EML has ready access to a pool of over 200 technical/professional experts, who are willing to offer their services with short notice.

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With a humble beginning as a firm with a limited scope of services, EML has emerged as one of the leading consultancy firms in Sri Lanka, covering a wide spectrum of services within a period of less than two decades. EML has successfully implemented over 300 projects, covering a multitude of sectors funded by major international donor agencies, including The ADB, World Bank, UNDP, UNFCC, UNICEF, UN HABITAT, USAID, JICA, CIDA and GIZ.  EML is a member of National Chamber of Commerce, and is also a registered specialized technical service provider to the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Board of Investment (BOI) and several other government agencies.